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Mihan Sazan Company is one of the largest and most modern companies producing metal structures and industrial cranes in the country, which has been built in an area of ​​7600 square meters. The company with 150 active personnel in the implementation and launch of many projects has extensive activities, which include: civil and industrial projects in various industries, including steel, automotive, oil and gas and petrochemical plants, power plants, copper industries, Tower construction and other large and small industries.

Mihan Sazan Company uses reputable Western European companies in supplying the main materials and equipment of cranes in the field of mechanics and electricity, and in the construction sector, reputable Iranian companies such as Mobarakeh Steel, Kavian Steel and Auxin.

The monthly production capacity of Mihan Sazan Company is 1500 tons. About 80% of the company’s welding is done semi-automatically with submerged arc welding machines and CO2, and during the production process of the quality control unit, performs non-destructive tests, including PT-UT-MT, continuously.

The most important mission of this company is after-sales service of products and the experts of the service department of this company are ready to serve their customers in the shortest time.

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